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Hello everyone,

 Well, the summer has somehow come and gone. Why is Summer so short, and Winter so long? Why do we park in the driveway, and drive on the parkway? Go figure. I hope all of have had a great season, with here in Ontario at least wonderful cruising weather. I managed a number of outings, mostly local, Parry Sound and Sudbury. My hometown of Britt celebrated its 150th Birthday this August, and the Britt Lions Club (I am president) hosted our first ever classic car show. In all, 27 vehicles turned out, not bad for a first effort. We hope to repeat it next year. Also, a great turnout at the Hamilton SDC BBQ in September with 7 Avantis in attendance. Larry Gibson, arriving in his amazing GT conversion under its own power. What a Beauty! Also, Mike Emmerich and his redone Avanti with a real knockout paint job. Nice to have you back in Southern Ontario Mike. A brief meeting was put together to plan to meet again after the Hamilton SDC Christmas Dinner on November 25th at the home of Bill Harris. Plan to attend if at all possible as we have a number of issues to address. Congrats to Pete Yuen for making so many Avanti Plaques for the AOAI International Meet in Tacoma Washington. Also pleased to hear that Pete has been successful in selling his great 84, only to hear that he has replaced it with an LSC. Way to go Pete. why should pushing 91 keep your form driving the car of your dreams. CAOA has 4 calendars left, so contact Dave Moxham if you are interested. After these are sold, we will direct any interested purchasers to AOAI. This year the dollar exchange and the postage are killing us. We get the first shipment for free(postage) but subsequent orders cost us in the range of $40 plus. Anyway, great to see Dave and Barb Moxham's car featured, and to remind all of you to send in your pictures for the 2020 issue. All for now and wishing all of you the very best.


Steve Wohleber 








04/01/2019 03:17:37 PM

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