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Hello all and welcome to Spring. We hope all have kept well, and that there are opportunities to get back together again sometime this year. Still cancellations etc. for April and May, so let's hope for more vaccine rollout by June. Anyway, not much news of course, although CAOA continues to support the Ron Hall Avanti at the Studebaker National Museum and we also support the International Get together which as you may already know takes place in Indianapolis in September. Check the AOAI website if planning to attend. Due to very few upcoming events, I have included a number of links and articles for your perusal. Also a few technical notes that I have learned over the past few years both of which have saved me many hours and dollars thanks to other's advice. I hope they can be of help to you as well. Always something popping up with 30 to almost 60-year-old cars.

Also, our welcome to new members Ed Skakie and Al Mayseuik, hope to hear more about their Avantis in the near future. A few calendars are still available so contact Dave Moxham if you would like one. $15.00 which includes postage. Likewise, I notice once again that there are no Canadian Avantis represented. Send some pics of your car to Lew Schucart at he is always looking for cars to represent the "International"Avanti owners. So, enjoy your rides this year and keep well.

All the best, Steve











06/09/2021 11:40:42 AM

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