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August 29- 31, 2018

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Hello everyone, 

Well, what a spring it has been! Around here, it seems as if we have gone from winter to summer in just a few weeks. Last year, at this time, we had already been to three or four shows. This year, I have just gotten the 89 out and the 63 is still up on blocks. Hopefully, I will get this done next week. July already!!! Hopefully, those of you in southern and western climes have had better cruising weather. We seem to be in an era of shows being listed in the Old Autos, both here and  across the border. This is a great chance to travel and see different vehicles. Once again, it seems that the CAOA struggles to come together for an event. The difficulty is finding a time when we can all get together. Hopefully, we can accomplish this in the coming months.  Wishing you a great summer.













21/07/2018 03:52:12 PM

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