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Hello everyone,  

Well it has been a long winter morphing into June this year. Only significant change has been snow at the end of April changing into cold rain into June. Just managed to get the 89 out and running last week in time for the Studefest last weekend which was a great outing. More on that later. Next is the 63 which always takes a little longer considering its age and the discovery of new issues to be dealt with each year. Hope for a first ride this weekend.

So, there seem to be lots of events happening in the coming months and hopefully you will send us your pictures and stories for the next newsletter which should be a bit more timely than this one. My apologies for not being more involved over the past months, but this winter was a full time job in itself.

My “other" winter project has been creating a 1/25 scale model of Larry Gibson’s Official Newsletter for the Canadian Avanti Owners Association pg. 2 The Canadian Avanti – July 2019 tribute Blake GT. Larry provided an AMT model and I have taken it from there. Wow, only now do I appreciate what Larry has done on the real car. Lots of challenges, but lots of fun. All ready now just waiting for paint and final finish. More pics of the finished project in the next newsletter. See the pictures in this newsletter.

An update on organizational news, we had a meeting on April 28th at the Canadian Warplane Museum in Hamilton with 10 members in attendance. Motions were passed to donate $100.00 to the AOAI International meet in Dayton Ohio and also to continue our sponsorship of the Ron Hall Avanti at the Studebaker National Museum. Our present bank balance is $1,860.35.

Memberships are coming in on a regular basis so if you haven’t sent in your $15.00 yet, please forward to Dave Moxham. Form at the bottom of this newsletter. Anyway, wishing you all the best, and get those Avantis out there and enjoy the ride.


Steve Wohleber 








10/09/2019 01:58:02 PM

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