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August 29- 31, 2018

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Hello everyone, 

Well, the winter is still here, as it should be I guess. Hard to believe that daylight savings time switches over next week. Spring still seems very far away. Anyway, we hope all goes well with you and that your interests in all things Avanti are beginning to come out of the long hibernation. I suppose most of you have received the latest Avanti Magazine featuring Larry Gibson’s Blake tribute. Congrats to Larry for getting that together in the nick of time. What a great show. I guess here in the middle, Badenoch is our first get together for the season, on April 21st. Also a meeting is being planned for CAOA on the 22nd, location to be announced. I have already received an invitation to Fleetwood for June, and I suspect a few Studebaker and Avanti fans will be making the trip to Buffalo to watch the start of the Hemmings Great Race on June 23rd. Buffalo to Halifax. Look it up and enjoy the parade if they are coming your way. I know some years ago they came through this area and Dave Moxham and I met the crowd at a stopping point. A moving car show and a chance to chat with some of the participants. Tremendous variety of classic vehicles being driven as they should be. A memorable experience. Check further for other events listed. Memberships are coming in and we welcome new member, as of 2017 Steve Wright. In closing here is a bit of trivia. Raymond Loewy’s design for the International Harvester logo…is also an image from behind, of a man on a tractor! Check it out. Pretty cool. Wishing all of you the best for the upcoming season, and hope to see as many as possible at various events.












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