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Hope all of you are doing well and keeping healthy.  It’s been quite the summer, between Covid and a lousy Spring into July. In Ontario at least we did get to enjoy a month or so of fine weather into September.  Likewise, October has been more like what July should have been!  Well, I guess 2021 is a wrap by now. I almost think there were fewer events/shows than last year.  We made it to one show an hour or so away, and that was pretty much it. Very well attended though with over 150 cars. A number of rides here and there but certainly a let down after last year. Also, with the border to the US still closed, those of you close by, have been denied those events/swap meets as well. Surely 2022 will see a return to business as usual.  So just to announce, THE 2022 CALENDARS ARE IN. As last year, send Dave Moxham $20.00 and you will get a calendar and renewal of membership.  Calendars alone are $15.00 Your membership dues are critical to us as it allows us to continue sponsorship of the Ron Hall Avanti at the Studebaker National Museum and to contribute to the annual International Meet, which will be in South Bend, the home of Studebaker/Avanti, in 2022.  Not sure of dates yet, but something to consider if you have never attended.  You will meet lots of Avanti friends, helpful advice, no matter your problems, automotive of course:) and a wealth of new and spare parts, associated items, attend workshops etc.  You also have the opportunity to visit a number of buildings associated with the history of Studebaker as well as the National Museum. A great time and host city.  And of course, one more tip for those of us who spend time on our backs under long before your neck cramps up?


A guy who works for mining companies up north was staying in town for a while during a wind farm build.  He is a mechanic, specializing in electrical/electronic work on heavy equipment.  Got to know him and asked if he could help me get all the lights working on my 89 Chev short box. It had been worked over and hot wired in a number of places.  Some underneath work required, and he asked me if I had an old 11 litre water jug around.  I cut and use these to collect oil when I do changes, and he saw one.  I said sure, what do you need it for?
He said, watch me.  Wow....a genius...he used it as a ‘pillow’ under his head while laying on the garage floor, said it saves his neck from cramping up, learned it from an older guy who worked in the field (outdoors, any weather) and always kept one in his truck.  I’ve used one ever since and a great ‘pain saver’ Just passing along one of those ‘out of the box' tips.  All the best, Likewise, I see in the latest Avanti Magazine that Dan Booth had some comments about opening a hood on an 89.  Yes, though I never saw it, there IS a rubber plug under the latch...but as even Dan said, it could be a bit of a challenge to access it from under the dash. Understated if you want my opinion. I actually had to use the secondary cable this Spring and yes, it did work, BUT...forget the finger loop!  Leave a much larger loop and wear heavy work gloves if you do not want to amputate a finger.  It did work but requires a stiff pull. Likely same for the trunk.  Anyway, old dog still learning new tricks the hard way. Don’t worry, I still have all my fingers!


All the best, and may you enjoy many more miles ahead.














08/08/2022 05:09:16 PM

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